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Surprise, friends!

I know you thought you’d heard from me for the last time in 2023, but I couldn’t let the year end without publishing my annual roundup of the best of SARN. If you’ve missed anything, now’s your chance to catch up - and feel free to share.

Before we get into the post, a quick update, in case you missed it: Sharon’s Anti-Racism Newsletter is now on beehiiv. Emails are now coming from [email protected] OR [email protected] so please ensure you whitelist those emails. Your subscription has been transferred to the new platform. Happy reading - Sharon!

Once again, I’ve divided the list into categories (limited to articles published in 2023 for the first three), and there are a couple of new categories this year, too. Ready to dive in?

Top 10 SARN Articles of 2023

Since I now paywall free articles after six months (with the exception of interviews, reviews and reading lists), I’m no longer dividing this into free and paid, but I’ve expanded this category to 10 articles.

Top 5 SARN Interviews of 2023

I really love putting activists and founders in the spotlight, and I’ve spoken to some great folx this year. Here are the top five:

Top 5 SARN Podcast Episodes of 2023

This year, I published 18 podcast episodes, just a little short of the goal of 20 I’d set myself, but that’s how it goes. Here are the five you liked best:

Podcast audio is temporarily broken after my move to beehiiv (because of this issue). Please bear with me as I get it up and running again. In the meantime, please enjoy the episode transcripts.

There are some posts that people keep coming back to - these are the top five in 2023.

3 Not So Hidden Gems

Thanks to my friend Holly for this suggestion when I published last year’s list. Here are a few pieces I really like which I wish had got a bit more attention.

3 Articles That Got You Talking

It’s always interesting to see which articles get the most comments. In 2023, it was these three articles about handling experiences of racism, either by myself or with support.

Well, that’s it! Was your favourite on this list? If not, feel free to share the article, interview or podcast episode that you most enjoyed this year.

Previous lists:

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I am an anti-racism educator and activist, Co-Founder of Mission Equality, the author of “I’m Tired of Racism”, and co-host of The Introvert Sisters podcast

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