How Many More?

When will white supremacists stop killing Black people?

Hello, friends,

As I write this, 10 people are dead in Buffalo, NY, most of them Black, murdered by a white teenager with white supremacist ideals and the N-word on his AR-15. My thoughts are with their friends and families, and all those who mourn. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’”

As many did, I felt the news viscerally. This young man went hunting for people who looked like me. He grabbed his gun and set out to kill Black people.

Somehow, he managed to turn in his gun and be arrested, when a Black man in the same position would already be dead. Sit with that thought for a minute.

This wasn't a "racially motivated crime"; it was RACISM. Our failure to name it as such makes it impossible to deal with. If you can't even say the words "a white guy set out to kill Black people because of racism", what hope is there that we can fix the problem?

If you can't name and identify the different ways Black people are mistreated in white majority countries and spaces, how can you start to address those issues?

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