"Never Have I Ever" - Anti-Racism Edition

A twist on a popular game (and no, you don’t need to drink)

Hello friends,

The other day I was thinking about some of the experiences I’ve had living in or visiting white dominated countries.

I started writing them down, then divided them into categories, and it struck me that these might make a good conversation game, along the lines of “never have I ever”, but without the need for excessive or any alcohol consumption.

For those who have never played, check out the rules. The game is also known as “ten fingers”, where people raise or lower a finger for the things they have done. Want to try it?

Workplaces and Organisations

Never have I ever…

  • Discarded a resume because it had an un-English or un-American name

  • Minimised or ignored a Black person’s contribution in a meeting

  • Assumed a Black person in the room was there in a service capacity

  • Othered a Black person by singling them out in a discussion or meeting, especially related to Black history or Black experiences

  • Made a Black person responsible for the company’s DEI or BHM or ERG programmes without providing the necessary support

  • Micromanaged Black colleagues more than white ones

  • Made negative assumptions about a Black person’s qualifications, experience, capability or skills

  • Singled out a Black person to speak to the Black experience

  • Made a Black person get a white person to vouch for them before I would believe they were legit

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