Discouraged But Determined

An email from yet another deluded racist

Hello friends,

Discouraged but determined. These were the words that came to me after yet another racist diatribe in my inbox.

Sadly, people of the Global Majority face racism every day in global minority controlled spaces and countries. And many of us face it in online spaces, which some global minority folx seem the think are their sole preserve.

I wrote this the day after I’d published an update on the Substack Notes experience, and renewed my commitment to undermine racism at all costs, and to weaken its foundations by giving people different viewpoints and stories to consider, and by highlighting new paths to a more equal world.

It was the day after I’d noticed a decline in paid subscriptions, while seeing those who post on less “controversial” topics easily reach a goal I should have reached a year ago.

It was the same day as a Global Majority friend told me about some aggression she’d experienced from a group of young white guys (and when I wondered what role racism played in it and concluded that it had to be a factor).

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