Dear Deluded Racists, You're Wasting Your Time

An open letter to the trolls and gaslighters

Hello friends,

Here’s something a bit different that came to me after yet another nasty comment in my inbox.

Dear deluded racists

I’ve seen you but do you see me?

I see you coming to my comment threads to pick on small things and attempt to unravel my argument.

I see you sliding into my DMs to call me a n——r and a b—h.

I see you sending me hateful emails.

I see you putting concerns about racism to the back of the bus while you put your melanemic focus out in front.

I see you trying to distract me and derail me.

And I know it makes you feel big, but it shouldn’t. It should make you feel small. You see, I know that all this hot air means that you’re terrified, because your time has passed. Somewhere within you, you already know that, though you’re struggling to hold on.

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