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Sharon's Anti-Racism Newsletter

The must-read newsletter for anyone committed to anti-racism looking to get insights, resources, and tools to help you do the work and make an impact. Brought to you by anti-racism activist, writer, and educator Sharon Hurley Hall.


What People Are Saying

“Sharon’s newsletter is one of the few I read every single word of, every single issue. If you’re serious about widening horizons, learning about what the world is like for people who look different, sound different, live different, experience things differently from yourself, and want to make a better world for everyone, this is the place! It’s a teeny investment for a big juicy reward.”

VIcky Quinn FraserMoxie Books

“Sharon's Anti-Racism Newsletter is hands down the most informative thing in my inbox. Her straight-talking erudition always challenges and educates. So much so, that I had to make a whole folder in my link collection just for the things she shares. If you want to support an incredibly talented Black writer and further your anti-racism education, look no further. Racism is so pervasive that we sometimes fail to notice which of our 'benign' (but ultimately erroneous) beliefs are rooted in questionable social conditioning and an incomplete understanding of history. Learn, absorb, push back and grow. I don't believe it's Sharon's style to say it this way so I will: you're bloody welcome for this gift.”

Asmara KazmiCEO, The Ops Room

“I’m a paid subscriber and highly recommend! White people wanting to learn more about how the world is for non-white people- it’s the bitesized weekly knowledge shot you’ve been waiting for. Well written, easy to digest.”

Janine Coombs