Building Our Own Table: Yinka Ewuola

Meet the founder of The Cashflow Accelerator and Cashflow Academy

Hello friends,

LinkedIn has proven to be a great place to meet people making an impact. I’ve been connected with Yinka Ewuola for a while now, and have always appreciated her consistent focus on wealth creation for women, especially Black women. Please, meet Yinka.

Yinka, tell me briefly about your background prior to founding The Cashflow Accelerator and Cashflow Academy.

I came into business when my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she needed my support so she could fight her way back to health (she did - she's doing amazing now) - but seeing her literally make choices between her money and her life was too much to bear. So I joined her organisation to support her, and began to learn what it took to make a business survive and thrive.

And yet as I paid for the business and online marketing education, I came to discover that so much of what was out there was designed by men for men, and that women were being led astray with business insights. Initially it infuriated me, but eventually I made the decision to create a different solution that worked for women. I realised in creating that solution that cashflow was the only thing that could kill your business and yet NO ONE is actually talking about it, and as such, people are taking people's money while still not ensuring they are giving them what they need for their business to succeed - again - after the rage, I wanted to change that.

Give me the elevator pitch for your initiatives.

My business is designed to support women to build thriving and profitable businesses, while living full, fabulous and nourishing lives, so that they never feel like they need to make the choice between their health and their wealth - or their money and their life. The Cashflow Accelerator gives a woman everything she needs to make consistent cashflow in her business all in one space, while the Cashflow Academy makes consistent cashflow inevitable for her in her business.

And in more detail?

The Accelerator is the culmination of years of training, learning and listening to the 'Chads and Brads of the World' telling everyone what they need to build their business - and leaving out the most important fact - that cashflow is the only thing that can stop it. I spent a LOT of money getting this sorted in my business, but had to go to different spaces to get all the pieces to make it work - nowhere was there a single space to give women everything that they need to make this happen - so after getting the rage about it - I decided to be the change I wanted to see and create it!

The Accelerator provides a HOLISTIC approach to improving tangible cashflow results by supporting women to upgrade their mindsets, break up with the lies they have believed for themselves and their lives, upgrade their skillsets to take action and then also... Create the consistency of input, to create powerful outputs. It has both learning and earning elements built in as well as incredible bonuses which create wins for all.

What inequity were you trying to redress/address, and why is this important?

The inequity that sees women in general and Black women specifically far less likely to receive funding and support in their businesses, while generating a higher return on investment. Those same women are likely to be paid less for the same roles in corporate spaces and treated abominably. We've all been lied to about the 'safety and security' of jobs in corporate spaces and yet so many feel like they have no other choice because business success feels enigmatic, and it isn't at all - so I feel passionately about supporting women to have choices about how they want to be treated.

How’s it going? What has the response been?

So far, so fab, and I'm making awesome progress towards building out an army of wealth-creating cashflow savvy women, with the first 100 women to join the programme being given affiliate privileges. But I'm excited to grow and scale powerfully in the days ahead, and the results that women have had coming through the accelerator has been incredible!! With POWERFUL insight and amazing ROIs coming through with women creating from 4.1x to 13x of their investment on coming into the Accelerator in the final sprint section of the Accelerator!

What’s next? Any goals you are hoping to achieve?

So the Accelerator has been so powerful - and what's coming next is the Academy where I'll be talking women on a year long journey to make their consistent cashflow not just easy, but inevitable... My initial larger goal is to help 10,000 women to build million pound businesses

In relation to racism, what is your vision for the future?

My vision for the future is to create enough personal and collective wealth to make racism less relevant in the lives of those who look like me, as I will be able to create spaces designed for me to thrive and support others to do the same. It's why I'm on a mission to create an unreasonable amount of wealth. Nothing about racism is reasonable - nothing reasonable is going to solve it. That wealth will open doors into other spaces and resources that will create spaces for us - I'm about creating my own tables, where the food served is more like what I want to eat!!

Folks, I hope you find Yinka’s goal and achievements as inspiring as I do. Please connect with her on LinkedIn or Facebook to learn more.

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