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Hello friends, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about representation. It’s something Black people and many people who face isms want, but even when things happen that are supposed to offer representation, we’re still not happy. The reason is because of another lack of representation - behind the scenes where decisions are made.

Hello friends, Well, it’s been a rollicking start to 2022. As you know at the end of last year, I was awarded a Substack Grow Fellowship. January has been all about going through the program. That meant weekly meetings with my fellow Fellows, posts on a private Substack, and weekly meetings with my mentor. Plus continuing to publish the newsletter regula…

Listen now (3 min) | Hello friends, Black History Month begins today in the United States - and I have thoughts. In SARN Minis #2, I share those thoughts. Thoughts About BHM - SARN Minis#2 Transcript 00:00 Hello, and welcome to Sharon's anti racism newsletter, the podcast.

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