An Update From Sharon - March 2024

Catch up on what's been happening behind the scenes

Hello friends,

After a month of action in January, February has been relatively quiet. I’ve been giving side-eye to all kinds of performative Black History Month shenanigans, including a whole slew of all-white panels, and that wasn’t even the worst part. This LinkedIn post from Joquina Reed captured the flavourlessness of this month’s BHM.

The Newsletter

I’m excited to share that I’ve got interviews booked all the way to October of this year, and you’re in for a treat. I’ve had to do a little shuffling around to respect people’s schedules and needs, so here are the next few interviews coming up in March:

  • Anne Marie Archer, The Anti-HR Lady

  • Naomi Raquel Enright, author of Strength of Soul

  • Chioma Aso, founder of STEAM Divas

The monthly reboot is going well, with new people finding the content relevant, and some longtime subscribers finding it worth revisiting. I already know which articles I’m going to reprint this year, and for next year, I plan to try something new in that same slot - watch this space!

No referral shout-outs this month, but a couple of people are getting close to their first referral milestone. Meanwhile I’m racking my brains on how to make this newsletter truly financially viable, so I can at least pay my bills. If everyone who reads it now referred one paid subscriber I’d be there.

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