The Myth of the "Black Experience"

We're STILL not a monolith

Hello friends,

I’m sure a lot of you have been in the position where you’re in a room and something comes up relating to Black people or your particular Global Majority group. All of a sudden every head swivels your way and you’re asked for the “Black perspective”. It happens in schools, during classes and group projects. It happens at work in one-to-one and large meetings. It happens socially, among both friends and strangers.

Depending on who you talk to, being on the receiving end of this question can be irritating, hurtful or perceived as racism (because would I presume to ask a white person I’m acquainted with for “the white perspective”? I would not.) I recognise that people are individuals - and complex ones at that. And I’d like white people of my acquaintance - and out in the world - to do the same.

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