Is “Quiet Quitting” A New Rod For Black Folx Backs?

Another day, another stigma - and I'm giving it side-eye

Hello friends,

Here’s another unpublished throwback post (a post I wrote but never published when this issue was in the news, much like the one about the Queen I shared last week). I present it as written, and I’ll share some more thoughts at the end.

There’s been a lot of talk about “quiet quitting” recently. I really don’t get it: surely turning up and doing the job you’re paid for is just doing your job? My concern is that it’s going to be another way to stigmatise Black and Global Majority people. After all, we’re the ones most likely to be holding down second jobs or side gigs to redress historic inequities. And we’re the ones most likely to be affected by racism at work and so least likely to want to go above and beyond.

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