Oops, They Did It Again

Another triumph of trumpism over integrity

Hello friends,

I’ve been trying to work out how I feel about the US Senate’s failure to convict the orange one of his very obvious crimes. Resigned sadness is probably closest to it; I don’t even know if I can be bothered to be angry any more, and I’m certainly not surprised. As usual, white supremacy won, as it has been winning for centuries.

Why do I say this? Because we all know that if Barack Obama had done even one of the things his successor did, he would have been out of office faster than the Road Runner. I don’t even need to say any more about that.

Like me, most Black people aren’t surprised at the result of the second impeachment trial. After all, if so many people voted for racism in the election, and if so many Republicans were willing to indulge the orange one in his fantasy of victory, how likely was it that those same Republicans would administer consequences for the appalling violence and assault on democracy that ensued?

On the contrary, Republicans have shown that if you’re a pale stale male (not my phrase, but I kind of like it) in their party, there are no consequences, even for sedition and incitement to murder. Again, Black people know this, but maybe white people now know it, too. Interestingly, those who have stood up for truth and justice (however belatedly) are facing censure from the top brass in the party. Ethics are out of the window.

Some of those same morally bankrupt people will be running for high office in two or four years. Since we now know how little moral fiber they have, it’s up to us (well, you, really, as I’m not American) to deny them the chance to make the hallmarks of the orange one’s disastrous reign the norm.

What the tens of millions of white people (and the tens of thousands of others) who attempted to vote him in don’t understand is that when the conservative Republican powers that be are done getting rid of our rights, they’ll come for them next. They don’t care about anyone.

As for my fellow Black people and active anti-racists, it’s going to continue to be a bumpy ride. Having Biden/Harris in office is great, but be vigilant about what’s going on behind the scenes. The orange one’s minions haven’t yet faced consequences, so they are emboldened, and will continue to push their bigoted agenda, and try to suppress votes wherever they think they’ll lose.

Sleep with one eye open, and keep up the fight!

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