Online Work and Racism

Why it can be hard to find peace and how to do so

Hello friends,

I love working online and remotely. It has all kinds of benefits. But one of the big disadvantages of the remote work lifestyle is that racism can follow you into your home.

Invading Your Sanctuary

When you work in an office and you're Black in plain sight every time you are outside, your home is your sanctuary, your oasis, the place where "they" can't get at you. It's often the only place where you can be fully yourself and at peace.

When you work from a home office, you're dealing with racism and microaggressions in your home. If a colleague gaslights you or a stranger Zoom bombs you, it can feel like there's no escape. Rather than home being a place to put it all behind you, you find that it continues to weigh on your mind. Every time you return to your computer or home office, you're back in that situation, and it can seep out into the rest of your home too.

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