New newsletter domain - what this means for you

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Hello friends,

You may have noticed a small change. The newsletter is now available on

Two things haven’t changed: you’ll still get all the emails you signed up for, and if you’ve shared links to previous articles with your contacts those links will automatically redirect to the web address.

One thing has: you won’t be able to comment unless you sign in again at the new link.

The next edition of the newsletter comes out on Monday, 5 April, 2021.

Before it comes out, please go to and sign in, using the same email address you used to subscribe..

Then everything should be back to normal.

Why the change? Because people should always own their own web space. If I ever need to change platforms (which I’m not planning right now), having my own domain will make that change easier. It made sense to do this before I publish too many more articles.

See you on Monday, and thanks for reading,


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