Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Was Every Black Woman

And it was deeply painful

Update: Since I wrote this article Judge Jackson has been CONFIRMED!

Hello friends,

I couldn’t bear to watch the US Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. I knew in advance it would be painful, and I chose not to subject myself to that pain.

This historic nomination and the confirmation hearings should have been a time of joy for Black people, but many of us knew that it wouldn’t be. After all, Judge Jackson would be questioned by some of the same people that were ok with trying to undermine the electoral process.

Some white men are particularly triggered by excellent Black women. (News flash: we’re triggered by their caucasity, too.) Many Black women have been in Judge Jackson’s position, where misogynoir is on full display, and they have been questioned by mediocre and racist white men. There’s been a lot of that about during the process. Not surprising, but still painful to see.

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