“Isn’t Racism Over?”

A question that astonished me - and the answer is no!

Hello friends,

“Isn’t racism over?”

This was an actual question I got from a white person I met In 2023. 2023!!!

And it made me realise how much work there still is to do.

While I was in England, I had conversations with lots of people. Some of them had read my book; others hadn’t. All of them were surprised to some extent by the experiences of racism I shared. And they were even more surprised to learn that these weren’t just things that had happened in the past - they were still happening today.

When I talk to my mum about her experience living in London in the 1960s, think about my experience in various parts of England in the 1990s, and discuss what my daughter is experiencing right now, it’s clear that there are commonalities.

Yes, some things have changed; but not enough has changed fast enough. 

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