Five Instagram Accounts to Expand Your Learning

Learn more about language, racism, disability, oppression and more

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For quite a while, I’ve been meaning to share some of the accounts I find most educational on Instagram. These are some of the ones that I make sure to check, even if I only have limited time.

It was really hard to narrow it down to five, but in the end I picked people I first connected with on Instagram, and left out accounts run by people I know from LinkedIn. I’ll share my favorite content from them another time, assuming I’m still on the platform, of course.

I’m going to keep this relatively short and sweet, and share my top ten, why I like them, a useful post from each and, if available, their website, so those who aren’t on Instagram can connect with them in other ways.

Because I’m a language person (even though all my languages are pretty rusty now), I gravitated to this account run by Sadia Siddiqui almost immediately, and I have never been disappointed. The account started out by exploring terms we might not even know were problematic. More recently, Sadia’s been sharing useful guides. Here’s one example:

Connect with Language Matters via their Linktree.

Led by a team of mostly African women, this is an uncompromising account that forces all of us to examine the roots of our behavior. As the name suggests, its particular focus is white saviorism, and even I’ve been surprised by the number of ways it shows up in every day life, and I already knew about it. If you follow this account, it will push your buttons, so prepare to get uncomfortable as you learn. This account shines the spotlight on charity work, missionary work, transracial adoption, anti-blackness and much more.

Learn more about No White Saviors on their website.

This account is a more recent discovery. Run by historian and author Jermaine Fowler, the Humanity Archive sets out to make you think, and frequently succeeds. It forces you confront some problematic statements, shares interesting bits of human history, and keeps you up to date with relevant news. The post below is one of my recent favorites.

Get more insights from The Humanity Archive via their podcast.

YK Hong is an “anti-oppression culture shifter”. This account talks about all forms of oppression and, once again, makes us reconsider things we’d normally take for granted. (If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that ALL of my favorite Insta accounts do the same thing.) He unpicks capitalism, the matter of Black lives, attitudes to Indigenous peoples and their land, white supremacy, anti-Asian hate and much more.

Here’s a recent post about abortion laws and the patriarchy

Learn more at Keep Beyond.

You can’t be anti-racist and accept discrimination against Disabled people (or other people facing isms). I started following this account, run by Andraea LaVant and her team, after attending one of their events called Unraveling Ableism. I know this is an area where I have stuff to learn, and after the event, I knew I’d find information on ableism, disability justice and more. There is a LOT here. The most useful recent post was this one about writing captions.

You can learn more about LaVant Consulting on their website (and if they ever do another free event, I recommend you sign up).

I hope you’ll find these accounts as educational as I do. If there’s an Insta account that knocks your socks off when it comes to anti-racism and anti-discrimination content, feel free to share it in the comments.

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