The Foxes and the Henhouse

Gaslit about racism

Hello friends,

If some foxes investigate other foxes who wreaked havoc in the henhouse, what are the chances that they’ll find those foxes guilty? Isn’t it more likely that they’ll try to gaslight the hens into thinking they were squawking about nothing? I think it is.

Of course, I’m not really talking about foxes and hens, but about white people with their own agenda investigating other white people, also with their own agenda, in relation to a complaint about racism from a Black woman. This happened to me recently, and after a process that lasted a couple of weeks, I was coldly and dismissively gaslit by the human resources company (and therefore indirectly by the main company) about what had happened.

As I’ve said many times before, Black people know a hell of a lot about racism, based on decades of experience. White people, not so much. So when white people are in charge of investigating racism, they may not see it due (at best) to lack of experience or knowledge. In this situation as a white person, it’s crucial to know what you don’t know.

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