Building Our Own Table: Sharla Stevens and the Ancestors

Meet the founder of Sharla Stevens Consulting

Hello friends,

I first met Sharla Stevens and the Ancestors on LinkedIn, where she was serving up unvarnished and clearly unpalatable truths about racism. These days, her focus has shifted to empowering Black women but she’s still serving the tea hot! Learn more about that in this interview. Please meet Sharla …

Sharla, tell me briefly about your background prior to founding Sharla Stevens Consulting

I was a broke-ass teacher who knew she was meant for so much more than this bull. As a history teacher I constantly called out the white supremacist curriculum. Eventually I got tired of fighting racism indirectly and started my own antiracism school consulting business. I was very successful but the work triggered my bipolar depression. To save my own life, I pivoted into Business and Empowerment Coaching For Badass Women! I enjoy this way more than coaching Nazis!

What have you had to overcome to get where you are now? What happened to you on LinkedIn?

I was permanently banned for speaking harsh truths to white power, that’s what!

Give me the elevator pitch for Sharla Stevens Consulting

I am the World’s Greatest Business and Empowerment Coach for Badass Black women! I empower Black Queens to escape the plantation and create a life of peaceful profits!

And in more detail?

I built this business after my own mental health suffered after doing antiracism consulting work in the schools. Though I was wildly successful my first year in business, I was deeply depressed. Like many Black Queens, I did not prioritize my self care and wellness. After surviving my two bouts of suicidal depression, I made the decision to help other Black women like me. I now teach Black Queens how to build multiple six figure businesses centered around their wellness. I the opportunity to escape the deadly plantation and live a life of Peaceful profits! By empowering Black women and teaching them to become entrepreneurs, I am fighting white supremacy while also sustaining my personal wellness. I finally do meaningful work that pays very well and is sustainable!

What inequity were you trying to redress/address, and why is this important?

Black women are some of the most educated, hardest working demographic in these streets. But due to white supremacy and the patriarchy, Black women will never get what we deserve until we give it to ourselves. Studies show that if you want to uplift a people, you invest in the women. The women, in turn, invest in the children and community. When we start our own businesses, we cut our dependency on our oppressor. We can hire other Black people and serve as role models for the community. We can then create real wealth and make real change. In addition, having a life of peace will alleviate many of the stress related mental and physical issues that Black women are dying from!

How’s it going? What has the response been?

Overall Black women are receptive to what I have to offer because the places looking out for our health and wealth are few and far between. Marketing is always a work in progress but word is definitely spreading. I offer free classes in Eventbrite almost every week. I teach Queens how to create a daily self care routine and create an online coaching or consulting business where they only work 3-4 days a week.

I have been offering LinkedIn profile audits for this who schedule a call with me. People have responded really well to that. Most Queens are severely under utilizing LinkedIn. As much as I take issue with the politics of that platform, my ability to expand my network to over 13,000 has definitely impacted the success of my business. Even after being banned from their site, they can’t take away my legacy or my community! It’s how I meet you, your sister and so many others. It also led to some other very powerful connections, podcast and media appearances. The reason my business grew to six figures in 10 months is because of how I was able to utilize my presence in LinkedIn. So I highly recommend Queens take me up on this offer! I usually sell this for a minimum of $500. My full 4 part LinkedIn course for entrepreneurs is $1999, which is a steal when you consider how much money you can make on LinkedIn.

Many Queens have been so traumatized, they don’t believe what I’m offering- a work from home, online business- is real. Most of us are in survival mode. That’s why before we talk about what business you will create, we focus on rebuilding your confidence! You can’t sell anything if you don’t first sell yourself on your worth! I want Queens to relearn how to only give from their overflow and center their joy! For the record, I am definitely open to grants and financial assistance. Really Black women shouldn’t have to pay for this. White allies should completely cover their investment. It’s because of endless trauma of white supremacy and the patriarch that my services are even necessary! I am also open to teach my classes at any venue that serves Black queens!

What’s next?

I am currently accepting new students for my next cohort! If you have been looking for a nurturing all Black woman space to nurture your entrepreneurial dreams, I invite you to schedule a call asap! I keep my classes intimate, so limited spaces are available. As far as future plans, I am hoping to get a regular spot working with Dr. King and Dr. Knowles of Black Women Empowered which is a network of over 3 million Black women worldwide! I am also working on getting white organizations to sponsor scholarships so that Black women who need my services can have access without financial hardship.

In relation to racism, what is your vision for the future?

I have given up on white people and the hope they will right their endless horrific wrongs. I am focused on the joy and wellbeing of Black women, both financially and mentally! When the Black woman regains her position on the throne, all will fall into place. In the meantime, I will do my best to realign as many Queens as possible to their divinity and ability to create successful businesses and massive and joyful wealth!

Thank you, Sharla! Folks, please connect with Sharla on her website or schedule a call. 

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