Bigotry Is Not OK

No matter who you are

Hello friends,

The title says it all. Bigotry is not ok.

As I posted on LinkedIn some time back:

I am for equality and against bigotry. That means I am against:

  • racism

  • anti-Blackness

  • anti-LGBTQIA2S+ sentiments

  • antisemitism

  • ableism

  • xenophobia

  • and other types of bigotry

So, why am I bringing this up now? Because I recently came across a Black man (who had been introduced to me as a key supporter of an important anti-racism mission) implying that there was something wrong with being gay. That’s homophobia, and I know it caused harm to some people in the room, even if they had not revealed they were gay. That was not ok.

I raised it with the person who made the introduction, and I plan to have a more detailed conversation with them soon. It is not ok to let it slide.

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