Meet Anti-Racism Activist Arturo Dominguez

And learn how he's using his writing to start uncomfortable conversations

Hello friends, over the last couple of years I’ve introduced you to quite a few of my fellow anti-racism writers and activists, many of whom I met on Medium. Arturo Dominguez is one of these, and I particularly enjoy his work because he simultaneously educates me about issues particular to Cuban and Latine people, AND draws together the common threads in the racism we all face. Please meet Arturo.

Arturo, what made you become an anti-racism activist?

I was born and raised in a very diverse community in New Jersey. Shortly after moving to Texas in my late teens, the brutal lynching of James Byrd Jr. in Jasper, Texas happened. It was a shock to the system that couldn't be ignored. I had to do something.

What anti-racist cause are you most passionate about?

Racial justice.

What form does your activism take?

I'm a writer. After having a stroke at the age of 40, I began taking journalism courses to become a better writer. Being a deeply analytical thinker, I was searching for a way to translate thoughts and conclusions into words. I found journalism to be the best avenue.

What response have you had to your activism?

Very mixed. I receive a lot of positive reviews and responses to my work. However, I also receive a lot of backlash from not just racists, but people unwilling to be uncomfortable in a conversation about serious issues. I've also had a bounty put on me by extremists and have been listed on VDare (a hate group site) as being anti-white and anti-American for doing nothing but calling out racism and hate in the United States.

In terms of anti-racism content, which are your top three articles or social media posts?

We can start with this one I published with Latino Rebels where I tried to explain to Latinos that in America, white people will never consider us white. Needless to say, it was the subject of much controversy (and still is).

Then, of course, there's the Medium article where I said white America needs to chill.

The last one is also on Medium. I challenged some Latinos who were critical of the 1619 project. This, needless to say, changed the conversation in the Latino community.

Share one anti-racism article written by someone else that really made an impact on you.

I can't say there's just one. But Allison Gaines' views on womanism have been really enlightening. I especially like when she discussed how feminism failed to deliver for Black women. She's a great writer. And of course, your work which always shines a light on other activists and writers in the movement. That's invaluable.

In relation to racism, what is your vision for the future?  

I don't think we'll ever get rid of racism on a personal level, but I do hope for a future that is the embodiment of equality and freedom for all regardless of race or ethnicity.

Folks, it’s well worth following Arturo for well-researched, accurate takes on racism and other isms. You can connect with him on the Antagonist Magazine website, on Facebook, and on Twitter. You can also see more of his work on Anti “isms” on Substack.

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