Building Our Own Table: S. Anne Marie Archer

Meet the founder of AntiHR, an HR Consultancy

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Every now and then - well, perhaps a little more often than that - I get to interview someone I’ve admired for a while. S. Anne Marie Archer is one such person. I’ve been taken with her employee-focused HR approach and her stance on helping Black women cash out of toxic workplaces, so I’m delighted to feature her work today. Please meet Anne Marie …

Anne Marie, tell me briefly about your background prior to founding AntiHR, an HR Consultancy

Prior to starting my consultancy, I worked for 20+ years in the nonprofit industry. I spent 15 of those years in the international development sector in various Operations/ Human Resources management roles.

Give me the elevator pitch for AntiHR

After 20+ years on the American corporate plantation, I cashed out, and now I teach others to do the same. I’m a recovering Attorney and HR executive and founder of the AntiHR HR Consultancy where I provide employee focused, HR advice and support. As a Black woman who spent 20+ years as a human resources and operations executive what I know for sure is that it’s not a matter of if we will encounter discrimination in the workplace, it’s a matter of when, and how many times. I teach my clients how to cash out of discriminatory work places with severance pay without filing a lawsuit or hiring a lawyer in most cases.

And in more detail?

I provide employee focused human resources, support, and advice. I only work with employees. I do not work with employers ever. I specifically teach my clients how to recognize, document, communicate, and negotiate their way out of discriminatory hostile workplaces on their own terms. I especially seek to support Black women because I know the struggles that we face in American war places, especially corporate American work places.

What inequity were you trying to address, and why is this important?

I want Black women to stop being the Mules of the universe. I want us to stop, allowing ourselves to be bullied, harassed taken advantage of, and discriminated against in corporate work environments. I want us to learn how to stand up for ourselves and cash out of those types of situations. Work should not be an endurance test of how much you can take. I want more of us to get out sooner and with our cash in hand.

How’s it going? What has the response been?

The response to my message and my work has been overwhelming. There are not enough hours in the day to respond and support everyone that comes to me for help. I really want to teach employees to be more proactive about understanding and asserting their workplace rights, especially when it comes to discrimination.

What’s next for AntiHR?

Because of the need for the services that I provide and my desire to reach more people with the information that I teach to my one on one clients I created an online course entitled ”How to ask for an exit from a discriminatory hostile workplace with cash and actually get it”. Through the course, I hope to reach more people and teach more employees how to cash out of discriminatory work environments. I am also in the process of creating a course to teach employees more about understanding and negotiating separation with severance agreements. That course will be available in Spring 2024.

In relation to racism, what is your vision for the future?

I want more of us to understand what our options are when dealing with discrimination in workplaces. Unfortunately, racism in the United States of America is unlikely to go away anytime soon, so it is imperative that we learn better how to deal with it on our own terms. Instead of theirs, What I teach, my clients are strategies that they can use over and over again to get in front of these issues at the cash out when necessary

Folx, I hope you enjoyed today’s interview as much as I did. Please connect with Anne Marie on her website, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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