An Update From Sharon - January 2023

Looking back, looking forward

Hello friends,

The start of the year is always a good time both to look back and recommit. I plan to do both now.

By The Numbers

For those who, like me, are into the stats, here are some key ones for the newsletter in the past year.

At the end of 2021, I had 1240 free and 133 paid subscribers. At the time of writing, those numbers had increased to 3700 free and 278 paid. I’m still aiming for my goal of 1,000 paid subscribers, and I hope to reach that goal during 2023. I got the most new subscribers in August, with 22 new paid subscriptions and 23 upgrades.

During the year, my most visited post was Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr: 3 Things That Annoy Me, which got nearly 3,000 visitors on January 17 alone.

Apart from that, things are looking good. Some 36,000 people came directly to the newsletter site, which tells me that the word is getting out there. Around 7,700 came via the Substack network, with the top publication recommending me being . I really appreciate the 157 subscriptions Katie sent my way. Around 7,000 people found the newsletter via Google. Again, this means the indexing is working well. Substack launched an app this year, and that’s rapidly becoming a good source of new subscribers, too.

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