An Update From Sharon - December 2023

What's been happening and holiday publishing schedule

Hello friends,

It seems that every month now is packed with stuff - and there’s always a lot to do and deal with. Here’s what’s been happening.

The Audiobook Is Still On The Way

If you’ve been paying attention to my recent posts, you’ll know that I took an intentional decision to slow down a bit to avoid burning out. One result of that was taking more time on the audiobook. And when I DID return to it, I discovered that the platform I’d settled on, ACX, didn’t work that well for me given that I live between two countries (plus, a 7-year Audible lock-in seemed excessive). So I’m going to be using Findaway Voices and have started the process of getting the book set up there. I truly believe that whenever it comes out will be the right time, and I appreciate everyone’s patience while I get it sorted out.

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