After Anti-Racism, What’s Next?

Contemplating a future beyond advocating for our needs

Hello friends,

Many of you know that in addition to publishing this newsletter, I’m a co-founder of Mission Equality, where we’ve been using our company as a lab to explore and implement what equality could look like within an organisation. As part of that, we’re always asking questions about what the future could look like. We love “what ifs” at Mission Equality, lol.

One of the questions that came up a while back was around identity and isms. For example, right now people who face isms gather around those isms - Black people, trans people, LGBTQ+ people, Disabled people, neurospicy people, to name just a few - for mutual support and recognition and to access the services they might otherwise be denied. That has been needed because of the different forms of oppression and discrimination many of us face.

But what if we solved that issue? What if there were no more racism? No more need to capitalise the B in Black or Brown because our skin colour was an unremarkable fact that didn’t result in negative treatment? No more need to go through tortuous bureaucratic processes to affirm our identities? No more harmful medical systems putting us in boxes?

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