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Brilliant, on point, infuriating, heartbreaking piece of poetry. You’ve managed to sum up precisely what I’ve been feeling lately. These lines especially:


Since the black squares covered social media

Promising much but delivering little

Then quietly returning to business as usual


Since more of us joined the fray

Supporting those who’d been doing the work for decades

Learning the impossibility of educating the wilfully ignorant


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and reminding us that despite the frustration expressed, we must continue on. ✊🏾

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What has changed is that things are more grave: https://www.dhs.gov/ntas/advisory/national-terrorism-advisory-system-bulletin-may-24-2023

I'm not feeling very hopeful, watching the extremists in Congress behaving in a way that greenlights all the worst behaviors in our society.

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Ms. Hurley-Hall, your poem caused me to reflect on my actions and those of America. What have I and our country done to remedy the situation between white and black people? When you look at our history, whites have not really done much to correct the discord between black and white people. However, I try to find the good in any situation. I can say by reading the black take on the," the Black Condition," and listening to people like you, Ms. Hurley-Hall my heart has done a complete turn around and see the hypocrisy of many whites when interacting with black people. Sadly, many whites see no reason to change their thinking.

Not to be too much of a pessimist, but the situation black people find themselves in three years since George Floyd murder, let alone some 150 years ago, has not changed much. Myths and stereotypes of black people are still present. Black people are still being shot when going to a door. Black people still take their lives into their hands when stopped by the Police. The Wealth Gap between white and black people is increasing as is the gap in homeownership.(1) While, there are specific circumstances where black people have improved their lives, they are the exception and not the rule.

Again, thank you for challenging my perspective and finding not just a different, but a better, more balanced one.

Persistence is a trait black people have in spades. So there is little question in my mind that black people will continue.


1) https://www.urban.org/policy-centers/housing-finance-policy-center/projects/reducing-racial-homeownership-gap

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Maybe some tiny nicks in the armor, baby steps. Let's keep going.

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Truth, though not unexpected. Until minorities have a power structure where they can fight racism and anti-wokeness, along with stupidity, things will only change temporarily and then go back to the horrors we're used to.

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Powerful!! It brings home to us just how little has changed and how much work still needs to be done! Can we do it? Will we do it? I say yes!!

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I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already. Institution racism still exists. More change needs to be done.

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I'm not sure how to quantify this.

On one hand, more Black people are aware of the inherent dangers of institutionalized racism, particularly in #AmeriKKKa. More White people are aware, but still too many of them are clueless or apathetic about becoming allies and forcing much needed change. I see increasing polarization happening, and in some ways, this is a good thing, as I would rather my enemy be clearly visible, as opposed to cleverly camouflaged. I can only continue to educate myself and others and call out the evil as I see it.

Not enough has changed. Not enough has changed for the better. It's like lightning blazing within a thundercloud. I can see the storm approaching and it will not be pleasant.

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