Love the idea of the inclusive city! Utopian bliss. Also more clues leading to Brown and Black excellence and white mediocrity, especially her mother's response to her and how Netta has responded to that. Is Dipper only for Global Majority people to review organisations?

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Thanks for sharing Netta's work. What resonated most with me is the idea that they may save lives. Whether it be suicidal thoughts or elevated stress, hostile work environments do create them!

One thing I've noticed--a common thread, if you will--is the focus on corporations. Civil service seems to be underserved, or is it not just discussed as much? Working within the bureaucracy of local, state or national government has its own mess of systemic failings that create the same toxic environments.

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Aug 31, 2022Liked by Sharon Hurley Hall

Great interview Sharon!

Love the work that Netta, Jacinta and Our Dipper are doing! I would also recommend to subscribe to the Unfiltered with Netta Newsletter. This work takes all of us!

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