Thank you so much for these resources!

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Ms. Hurley-Hall, reading your newsletter entitled, DEI and Anti-Racism Resources - 2023 Update. Specifically about DEI power and privilege wheel which describes the workings of our society for the wheel is dynamic itself. Maybe because I am a visual learner, but I loved how the wheel is a dynamic, not static thing ,and it's flexibility- anyone can identify with it. It attempts to be inclusive which is a key concept in DEI. Another example if it's flexibility is how one can be marginalized in one category and powerful in another category. But what I like most in DEI is what it hints at:

If you’re a privileged and/or powerful person and you’re in the room with someone that isn’t, your job as an ally is to make space for them, amplify their voice, and listen. Tessa Watkins

In other words rich or powerful people have obligation to help others not as fortunate as themselves. I don't mean lobbying for lower corporate taxes, but support more tangible things, at least to the people who need help the most like sponsoring a community center or becoming a tutor.


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Great reference, thank you - I hadn't seen Dr. Sam Rae's illustration or the chart comparing diversity training vs. anti-racism. This newsletter continues to bring the good stuff! Thank you, Sharon! 🙏🏻

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