Kudos to Dr. Lynn. Thank you. Dr. Lynn, for all you do to make our world a better place.

And thank you, Sharon for sharing this wonderful interview with us.


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Fantastic interview, Sharon. thank you.

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I'm blown away. Dr. Hurdle has taken the notion that, "Y'all created this problem and y'all need to fix it!" and stood it on its head. I feel that her work is saying, "Y'all created this problem and y'all need to fix it! HERE"S HOW TO DO IT..."

It's exactly what you are doing with this newsletter and your DEI work, Sharon. You know how I always tease you about being diplomatic; from this interview, I totally bet that Dr. Hurdle doesn't use that gentle approach. (I'm speculating, but you get my meaning.)

Thanks for sharing this awesome interview. The one thing that upset me was the revelation that some of the participants had never taken the time to get to know other young, Black men. I mean, in my experience, you couldn't fall off a log more easily than you could meet, listen to and learn from young people. They LOVE to talk and try to explain things to older people!

Think about your experience in the workplace. I'm sure a bunch of "young'uns", still idealistic, had plenty to say about how things run at the office. (I benefitted from that when new people came under my supervision.)

Anyway, that was a great interview!

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