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Thank you SO much for this and all of your work! As a white woman, I need this as much as anybody. And more, actually. You're helping me engage in anti-racism work. My words of gratitude are just words, though. When I behave differently and take action, please know you've been a part of it.

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Terrific list!!

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Dear Sharon,

How does one find the words of gratitude to express appreciation for your work? Seriously, what you write, how you write, all have significant significant positive impacts.

The first title here, talking about racism in DEI work, it really hits home. Unfortunately the gatekeepers for DEI more often than not remain the greatest impediments to progress, whether it be in the professional world, or academic world. There are those whose hearts and actions prove they want and seek positive change, but they are not enough.

Again, thank you for sharing this list.

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