Wee-O! This list sent me down several rabbit holes. I may have OD'ed.

The History of Ever consolidated everything else on the reading list. Michael Harriot did, as well, but this is not a time for satire and silly jokes. I usually like his non-political stuff, those articles that celebrate Black life.

Having said that, Harriot linked out to a lot of interesting articles and I slowly made my way back to leave a comment here. :)

Great round-up!

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Feb 27Liked by Sharon Hurley Hall

So true “The glass cliff is especially precarious for women from historically marginalized and excluded communities — namely Black women. Often moved into roles in times of chaos or crisis, these leaders are not equipped with adequate resources, staff, training, or support. Having broken through the ceiling, they are thrust into positions teetering on the brink of failure and into organizations committed to misunderstanding them.”

Too often women, and it's now noted particularly Black women, are hired to fix badly broken organizations, if they fail it's on them and attributed to race most likely more than gender. Have seen this happen all too often, candidates are not told about significant issues before being hired, then what choice do they have, leaving because they realize they've been had or being asked to go are both potentially career crushing outcomes.

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